About Us

The Embassy Security Group is incorporated in Illinois, Indiana, California,  Minnesota and New York. We are staffed by active and retired- city, state and federal Law Enforcement Officers. Formed in 1995 we have continued to grow as we provide an exceptionally trained and professional workforce.

All of our employees are certified by the respective States we operate in as either sworn Law Enforcement Officers or meet and exceed the minimum security officer requirements.

Our executive staff has over 300 years of combined experience  while serving or served as senior law enforcement officials.

Our corporate motto- Knowledge, Commitment, and Experience”  exemplifies our services and dedication to those we serve.

Governmental Licenses

State of California
Registered Foreign Corporation 

State of New York
​​​​​​​Registered Foreign Corporation 

State of Minnesota
​​​​​​​Registered Foreign Corporation 

State of Indiana
​​​​​​​Registered Foreign Corporation 

State of Florida
​​​​​​​Registered Foreign Corporation

State of Illinois 

Illinois Department of Professional Regulation:
Private Security Contractor Agency-  License # 122-000973
Private Security Contractor- License #119-000848
Private Detective-License #115-001082
LIVESCAN Fingerprint Vendor- License # 249-000216

Illinois State Police:
Concealed Carry Instructor
Approved Concealed Carry Course Curriculum

Illinois Department of Human Rights
Eligibility for Public Contracts IDHR # 137774-00

Illinois State Board of Elections
Registered Business- #33107


Federal Communications Commission
FRN  #0023987290
Call Sign WQVG399

United States  System for Awards Management (SAM)

Industry Affiliations

Federal Bureau of Investigation

United States Department of State-
Bureau of Diplomatic Security- Overseas Advisory Council

International Bodyguard and Security Services Association

Armament Systems and Procedures, INC
International Training Team

ALICE  Training Institute
Instructor Certification

International Security Training Institute