TV and Film Production Security

Television and Cinematic Production Security

Embassy provides comprehensive security services and planning for the television and cinematic industry.  We incorporate:

Coordination with Location Managers
Each location is examined and plans are developed for:
  • Contingencies e.g. emergency evacuations, weather emergencies, etc
  • Fire and EMS emergency response plans
  • Active Shooter 
  • Security based selection of green rooms and background holding locations
  • Liaison between local law enforcement concerning pedestrian and vehicular lockups

Coordination with Transportation Captains 
  • Safe route designation while travelling to and from set locations
  • Real time route adjustment based upon local crime conditions

Coordination with UPM
  • Budget planning relative to security
  • 1st Team Security Requirements
  • Background Actor Screening 

Coordination with Network Security and Safety Managers
  • Network HR, Safety and Security Policy compliance ​​​​​​​

Coordination with AD Department
  • Provide them with the current information to make informed decisions to avoid production delays