TV & Film Production Security


Television and Cinematic Production Security

Embassy Security provides comprehensive security services and planning for the television and cinematic industry.
Coordination with Location Managers
Each location is examined and plans are developed for:
  • Contingencies e.g. emergency evacuations, weather emergencies, etc
  • Fire and EMS emergency response plans
  • Active Shooter 
  • Security based selection of green rooms and background holding locations
  • Liaison between local law enforcement concerning pedestrian and vehicular lockups

Coordination with Transportation Captains 
  • Safe route designation while travelling to and from set locations
  • Real time route adjustment based upon local crime conditions
Coordination with UPM
  • Budget planning relative to security
  • 1st Team Security Requirements
  • Background Actor Screening 

Coordination with Network Security and Safety Managers
  • Network HR, Safety and Security Policy compliance 

Coordination with AD Department
  • Provide them with the current information to make informed decisions to avoid production delays

Fan Management
  • We manage/monitor fan presence and safely facilitate cast visits  while on location.

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Over 600 Episodes, multiple fan conventions, meet and greets, pressers and celebrity events.




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