Our philosophy challenges us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first, as there is no greater responsibility than to be entrusted with safety of others.

Where We've Searved

United States Olympics
  •  Olympic Village Security Commander (Atlanta, Ga)
  •  Director of Metal Detector Operations (Salt Lake City, Ut) 
  •  Security Planning Committee for 19 venues (events) 

United Center (Chicago)
  •    Stadium Security Operations-
  •    six (6) National Basketball Championships
  •    Chicago Blackhawks
  •    Chicago Bulls

NATO SUMMIT- Chicago Illinois 2012
  • Field Force Operations 
  • Operational Planning 

City of Chicago
  •   Fifty-Seven (57) Neighborhood Festivals
  •   Taste of Chicago
World Cup Soccer 1994
  • Soldier Field Security Operations

Protective Service Officer Operations
US Army- General Officers

  • ​​​​Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Royal Family Protection

  • Security Provider
  • Banking Industry
  • 32 Branch Locations staffed and manned daily
  • Hospitality
  • 84 Restaurant Locations
  • 4 National Hotel Chains- Special Events

Executive Protection
  • Executive Board- Fortune 100 Company
  • President- Fortune 50 Company
  • A-list Actors

Physical Security Planning & Inspections

Over 300 Department of the Army Facility Inspections

Annual Review of Physical Security Plans for Department of the Army covering an eight state region


Where We've Worked

Federal Bureau of Investigation
(Special Federal Officers)

United States Drug Enforcement Administration
(Task Force Agents)

Chicago Police Department

Bureau of Organized Crime

Aviation and Marine Unit

Bureau of Detectives

Bureau of Patrol

United States Marshals Service

(Great Lakes Fugitive Task Force)

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Department of Homeland Security- Office of Inspector General

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s - Office of Investigations

Cook County State’s Attorney Office

Illinois Department of Corrections

Illinois State Police

Cook County Sheriff’s Department

Will County Sheriff’s Department