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5 minutes with Ian Thornton-Trump, CISO of Cyjax

Meet Ian Thornton-Trump. He is the Chief Information Security Officer at Cyjax, and an ITIL certified IT professional with 25 years of experience in IT security and information technology. As CISO Cyjax, Ian has deep experience with the threats facing small, medium and enterprise businesses. His research and experience have made him a sought-after cybersecurity consultant specializing in cyber threat intelligence programs for small, medium and enterprise organizations. In his spare time, he teaches cybersecurity and IT business courses for CompTIA as part of their global faculty and is the lead architect for Cyber Titan, Canada's efforts to encourage the next generation of cyber professionals.

Home Depot settles 2014 data breach

Attorney General Kathy Jennings announced that Delaware has joined a total $17.5 million settlement against Georgia-based retailer The Home Depot, resolving a multistate investigation of a 2014 data breach which exposed the payment card information of approximately 40 million Home Depot consumers nationwide. Through the settlement The Home Depot has reached a resolution with 45 other states and the District of Columbia. The DOJ’s Consumer Protection Unit helped secure the settlement.

Center for Internet Security (CIS) celebrates 20th anniversary

The year 2020 has been a whirlwind of adaptation and change, prompting the phrase “business as usual” to take on a whole new meaning. The Center for Internet Security, Inc. (CIS) has become a leader in supporting both public and private organizations in the COVID era, when many are shifting more of their workforce remote and more of their workloads to the cloud. 2020 also marks a milestone for the Center for Internet Security, as CIS is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month.

Vince Houghton named Director of NSA's National Cryptologic Museum

NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum (NCM) is thriving and plans to keep growing as it welcomes a new Director. Dr. Vince Houghton, who brings a deep background in intelligence and history, joined the Agency last month after serving as historian and curator of the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. Dr. Houghton said he already is impressed with the professionalism of the current staff.

CISA warns public about online holiday shopping scams

With more commerce occurring online this year, and with the holiday season upon us, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reminds shoppers to remain vigilant. Be especially cautious of fraudulent sites spoofing reputable businesses, unsolicited emails purporting to be from charities, and unencrypted financial transactions.

Workforce risk outlook reaches five-year high

The risk level to the global workforce has reached its highest since 2016 according to the findings of the International SOS Risk Outlook 2021. Unsurprisingly, around eight in 190 risk professionals believe the health and security risks faced by the workforce increased in 2020 (specifically for “domestic employees” (85%), “assignees” (81%), “student and faculty” (80%), “business travelers” (79%) and “remote workers” (77%)). Around half believe that this will increase further in 2021.

Why email needs a zero-trust security model

Content-centric solutions that evaluate each message based on how likely it is to be bad create a gap through which identity-based email attacks can slip. A zero-trust email security model is vital to closing that gap. Zero-trust may also be characterized as zero-assumption.

Packet capture and analysis: The force multiplier in the cybersecurity battle

For organizations experiencing data breaches, the consequences are considerable, especially for security operations. IBM reports that over 25,000 data records are stolen with the average data breach, and costing the targeted company as much as $8.64M per breach in the United States. And it takes on average a staggering 280 days between identifying and containing a data breach (known as the breach cycle). So why is it so hard to fight this digital war, and why is the breach cycle so long?

Why application-layer security is critical in preventing data breaches

Stories about cyberattacks and security breaches are popping up more and more frequently in the news and it seems as though no company is immune to the sophisticated strategies hackers use to obtain high value confidential data. These data hacks result in bad PR, lost customer trust, possible fines, and potentially ruined reputations. Needless to say, it should have you questioning whether or not your data is properly protected, and the answer is — it’s probably not.