Beyond Passwords: How Security Can Improve Identity in 2018

IT security leaders are calling for an end to the complex password. They foresee biometrics, dual-factor authentication and eventually a new “whole person” approach to identity as being among the not-too-distant remedies for password malaise.

Wireless Handheld Readers and Suprex® Reader-Extenders

Upgrades to the Wireless Handheld Readers and Suprex® Reader-Extenders from Cypress Integration Solutions include the Security Industry Association’s OSDP Secure Channel, which safeguards the wireless connection.

How New Solutions and Convergence Reduce Fraud in the Banking Environment

Linking cyber and physical security together transforms alerts into actionable intelligence. By capturing and analyzing data in real time, financial organizations gain a visual representation of risks across the business while accessing information related to the most critical events happening at any given time.

How to Respond to and Mitigate Drone Threats

When confronting a drone (Unmanned Air Vehicle/Unmanned Air System) operating in or around their area of responsibility in an unsafe manner, most people would like to bring it down immediately. Unfortunately, in most situations, it is unlawful to interfere with the flight path of a drone. The most important response that can be done legally is detection.

How Sexual Misconduct Threatens the Security Industry

Security professionals are tasked with addressing reputational risk as well as physical risk, but are our own departments and industry doing enough to avoid being a risk to the enterprise as a whole? It’s time to take a good, hard look at your workplace and ask if it is inclusive, supportive and fair.