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Hosting an Event? Don't be Left Vulnerable.

Events large and small can quickly become easy targets without the proper planning and protection of a professional security company. That's where Embassy Security Group comes in. Embassy Security Group has been providing reliable event security  throughout Chicago for over 25 years.

Embassy provides an unparalleled special event  protection service. The level of protection offered and  performed are designed specifically for each  individual event. This planning is consistent with  Homeland Security Presidential Directive  (HSPD)-5 – which stipulates that the National  Incident Management System  (NIMS) be used in such events.

Threat and Risk Category  Prioritization

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The main threat and risk categories are:

(1) Harm to  persons
(2) Damage to property
(3) Loss of revenue  for the event and  if incidents prevent  people from attending or cause increased expenses
(4) Increased liability due to negligence
(5) Prevent loss  of reputation and corporate branding by management of risks and incidents

When security for your event requires additional protection, we Offer:

Mobile command centers

 Remote video surveillance platforms

 Walk thru Metal Detectors

 X-ray checkpoint screening

 Body worn radiation detection devices

 Under vehicle inspection

 Mass notification systems

 Traffic control barriers

 Traffic cones

 Crowd control barriers

 MIFRAM Vehicle-Ramming Barriers

 MVB-3X Vehicle-Ramming Barriers

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