Virtual Security Guard Services

Remote Interactive Video Surveillance Monitoring

Remote Interactive Video Surveillance Monitoring

Virtual 24 Hour Monitoring with Video Analytics.

Our remote interactive video/audio monitoring center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that we can receive live and recorded video in real time from any place in the world. We can communicate via two way audio to your site.

Using Video Analytics, we turn your current surveillance system into an Alarm Platform.

Instantaneous Alerting and Response.

How We Do It

How We Do It

First - What is Video Analytics 
Video Analytics  identifies events, characteristics  or patterns of behavior through specified defined rules within the camera’s field of view.

Second -  Alarm and Response.
We then design an alert and response according to your contingency plans. These alarms (security alerts) reduce the need for manual monitoring   and improve efficiency.  We customize notification and response procedures according to your contingency plans.

Third- Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency
Studies have shown that manual monitoring is ineffective. Additionally, the use of video analytics coupled with independent monitoring provides you with the ability to reduce personnel costs and liability.

Remote Video Monitoring 24-7 – also commonly referred to as guard replacement we offer live video monitoring of location 24-7.

 Embassy is able to cut a customer’s onsite security guard expenses as much as 70%.

Video Analytics and Remote Monitoring Services

Embassy Security provides 24 hour a day Video Monitoring Services using a suite of Video Analytics. Reduce Costs and Improve Safety and Security.
Video Analytics and Remote Monitoring Services