TV & Movie Security

Since 1995, we have provided unarmed and armed security officers to various venues and industries. We understand that our officers not only represent Embassy, but often times are viewed as an extension of your corporate branding. To this end, our officers are trained in guest services techniques as well as projecting a professional and competent security posture.

Embassy has several appearance portfolios that are customized for your environment. These range from covert civilian business attire up to and including police styled uniforms.

When we supply officers, we utilize a 360 degree approach whereby our officers are trained to your specific site. Each site undergoes a review with specific post orders developed and written. We further provide unannounced inspections by our field inspector. 

Security Patrols

It is well known that as those responsible for their constituents, tenants, and visitors need the ability to balance costs - safety - security. We develop our patrol schedules (vehicle/walking) at various times on a predetermined schedule while onsite. This concept develops an omnipresence of security. This concept is in use by law enforcement today and recognized as an effective cost effective feature.

Talent Security

Embassy provides more comprehensive security options than typical bodyguard services. We provide exceptionally trained Protective Service Agent (s) to those under our protection by delivering and incorporating:
  • Rapid agent deployment 24/7
  • Threat Analysis for advance prepara ons and planning
  • Liaison with local authori es
  • Movement Con ngencies.
  • GPS enabled panic devices
  • Secure Communica ons
  • Strict Non-Disclosure Agreements

Computer Aided Dispatch and Verified Security Tour

We utilize a Computer Aided Dispatch platform that includes documentation of officers activities and observations. The system through GPS, monitors the employees location and verifies certain duties at pre-defined times. Our clients have 24 hour access to a client portal and also receive real time notification through email and telephone for pre-de ned incidents, safety, and maintenance issues.