Medical Marijuana Security

Embassy Security Group - Security Solutions for the Medical Cannabis

Embassy Security Group offers security planning and design nationwide, Security Officers and Transportation in the States of Illinois and Florida. We do not own the Music, it is played as a tribute to the Hit TV Series Hill Street Blues by Mike Post/ Larry Carlton

Physical Security Surveys 

We conduct an in-depth on site Physical Security Survey (s). This comprehensive survey is an outside in and inside out look at the clients facility. These on-site examinations include (s) but are not limited to; perimeter and building access control, employee identification  systems, fencing, area and glare projected lighting systems, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems, Radio Frequency Identification Systems (RFID) and Electronic Security Systems (ESS). We also evaluate the clients current security related protocols relative to interoperability with current access control, material control, contingency plan(s), and electronic security systems. Recommendations and suggestions are provided to increase the effectiveness of the security program and identify and mitigate any vulnerabilities. These recommendations are based upon various industry standards and governmental regulations.

We Use Proprietary So ware Based upon DHS Scoring Models Which generate Vulnerability Scores and Recommended Courses of Ac on

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Product Recall
ISO Medical Device Certification
Banking Compliance
Data Storage

Transportation Officers/Vehicles 

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We provide point to point delivery services. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS and on-board cameras. We have invested in the latest technology to allow our clients to set-up geo zones, detect route deviances and track real time progress of their deliveries. Our armed security escort officers are normally off-duty law enforcements who exceed their civilian counter-parts in terms of training and experience. We are fully licensed and bonded. 

Product Recall Services

Product Recalls can be time consuming and result in litigation if not properly documented. Our award winning Department of Defense approved Software allows instant notification via simultaneous delivery via SMS (text), Email, telephone along with a visual display on the computers desktop display. Instantly record when and who was notified, acknowledgement and receipt delivery with the ability to generate and export reports. We offer pre-built scenarios with assigned recipients.

This software is currently used by various DOD entities, FEMA and various commercial and educational institutions. The service also provides a record of acknowledgement and proof of delivery. The software is recognized as the best of breed and winner of the Government Security News awards. 

Date Center Storage Services 

International Standards Organization– Medical Devices 

The philosophy of ISO 13485 focuses on consumer safety and was developed with FDA input. ISO 14385 defines a medical device as a manufactured product that is designed as a medical device if it is used to: 

  • Cope with human disease 
  • Treat human disease. 
  • Alleviate human disease. 

ISO 13485 is a globally recognized standard and having this certification will increase the credibility and ease the burden of regulatory audits. It further demonstrates to your patients a commitment to qualitative care in the administration of medicinal cannabis.

Demonstrate to your consumers and partners a commitment to quality and display proudly your ISO. Our Physician led team will customize an ISO 13485 compliant system for you and guarantee passing your ISO inspection audit . We deliver on time and within budget.

Through our strategic partner WINDSTREAM, we have collaboratively developed a solution for HIPAA, PCI and surveillance video storage solutions. Windstream with 16 nationwide data centers that meet these credentials developed a cost effective solution for the needs of this industry. We have achieved industry buying leverage as a group purchaser.