Executive Protection Training Chicago

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International Executive Protection Course
Experience 60-hours of SCENARIO based training.

A Field Training Exercise (FTX) with Detailed Instruction
  • one on one evaluations
Perform and Learn Aspects  of
  • Intelligence Threat Collection (ITC),
  • Command, Control, Communications (C3)
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC),
  • EVAC and Counter Assault (CAT)
  •  Quick Response Force (QRF) Applications
  •  Team Movement & Formations
  •  Conducting Advance Operations
  •  EP Shooting Skills
  •  Countering the Active Shooter
  •  Domestic & Int. Terrorism
  •  Defensive Tactics
  •  Vehicle Operations

This Course is endorsed by the International BodyGuard and Security Services Association and qualifies graduates to apply for membership. Visit www.ibssa.org for more information
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