Armored Vehicle Rental For Executive and Celebrity Protection

Embassy Security Group Executive and Talent Protection

Our Executive and Talent Protection Services utilize armored VIP vehicles avaialble as part of our service

Brokers vs Owners

Navigating the terminology of ballistic protection in this industry is often times misrepresented by brokers who have never seen the car they offer you. We do not offer our vehicles and personnel to brokers. They do not understand the realities of what true practitioners/operators  consider.   They rent you a car at an inflated price.

Levels of Protection

Understanding different levels of protection can be confusing. There are currently four (4) different standards CEN, NIJ, VPAM, and  STANAG. Although they are quite similar, there are differences. The most common vehicle utilized for civilian use is a European standard BR6 level and NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569

What We Offer

Although renting an armored vehicle will give you peace of mind. It is sort of like renting an airplane without a license. Yes you can drive it normally, but questions remains…. what to do, when do it, when to engage and when to evade. Our drivers understand the concepts utilized and developed by the US Secret Service, US Marines and US Army Protective Services Units.